Better Bean Co and Yam Dinner

I found the most awesome bean at Seattle VegFest 2013.  

Made by The Better Bean Co.  –

They really are “A Better Bean”!!  

*disclaimer – I received samples of Better Beans to try free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

Founded by Keith Kullberg in a quest to recreate authentic refried bean flavor without the animal products, the Better Bean Co. has now mastered fresh flavor in a majorly good way. 

They are: Fresh, Vegan, Low Sodium, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Certified Organic Red Beans, Food Alliance Certified Black Beans and Packaged in BPA-Free Tubs.

And YES…. the answer to your question…. they still TASTE WONDERFUL!

better bean

I had an opportunity to try all the different flavors.  I did some with pretzels, some with chips and then I decided to take the plunge and use some in my cooking (this was hard because they are so good on their own).  I decided to pair the Cuban Black Beans with my Yams for a simple baked dish.  Nothing complicated, just peeled and sliced yams baked with the beans spread on top.  Top it with fresh onions and cilantro and you got dinner!  I have to admit, I doesn’t look to pretty, but believe me… it tastes awesome!

Then the next day, I decided to try the red beans in an omelet. YUM… I can think of so many ways to enjoy these!!! 

I am now a HUGE Better Bean fan.  I love the variety in the flavors and I feel confident that I am consuming something good for me while getting my protein boost.  It’s also great for us busy moms that just don’t find the time to cook up and season all our beans ourselves.  This is so much better than the canned alternative.  

Check out the website for more info and where you can find them in your area!








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