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Today my sister and I took a nice half mile walk, which ended at a world class organic winery for wine tasting.  I know… jelous right. Yes, I live a half mile away from a fantastic certified organic winery.  However, we went because we drink one variety of their wine and wanted to taste more of that brand.  You can say we kind of have gotten into a rut.  Buying the same wines over and over because they are “safe”.  We know we like them so why gamble on another brand.

Well, I have had the pleasure to be introduced to a new website that will help us break that rut.  Now we can find new wines with Likelii.

What is Likelii?  It is an online wine store that will take what you already love and give you custom wine recommendations of other wines you might like.  So say you input that you  like brand xyz Merlot, and xyz Syrah.   It will take that information and recommend several brands similar to those.  Fabulous right!  Sort your recommendations by price, varietal or region.  Add as many wines as you love and see your recommendations change.

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Likelii Website Recommendations



My only complaint in trying this is that I usually drink local Columbia Valley wines from Washington State since this is my territory and I know several of the winemakers.  When I put in all local wines, I came up with mostly wines from regions outside the United States and the US wines were not defined as to which area of the US except a few “California” wines.  I would recommendations of my local wines.

You can however search the wines by regions in the shop, you just won’t know if they would be highly recommended for you.  Upon searching, I found only one Washington wine.

That being said, the purpose of this site is to broaden your horizon so perhaps I should take the opportunity to get out of my wine box and try a broader spectrum of wines.  I might just be inspired to do this for the holidays!

So if you are looking for something different to serve your guests or want to impress your friends with a great new wine, visit Likelii and give it a try.  While you are there, fill out a short survey for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to use on the site.  FREE WINE!  Heck yeah.  Promotion expires 12/31/12.


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As a gift for trying out the website and providing an opinion, I received a gift code to use on the site.  All opinions expressed in this post are honest and mine.   



  1. I don’t drink wine, but this post makes me think that..Hey, maybe I should give wine a try again.

  2. I will have to share this with my inlaws…big wine drinkers. Thaks for shareing

  3. What a great service. It would be good if you wanted to broaden your horizons or as you said ‘get out of your wine box’!

  4. What a great tool! There have been a few times I came home with something I really didn’t like. I will have to keep this in mind.

  5. Tracy, thanks for your review. You’re exactly right, our goal is to help people get out of their wine rut and find new wines they’re likelii to love. But I like your idea of solving the problem of finding similar wines from your favorite appellations and regions – we’ll be tackling that too.

    Nicole, thanks for your comments! Love the handmade Halloween article – the treats look yummy.

  6. I also live in wine country. One of the things I enjoy is going to the different wineries and trying a few out. I will say that I am always afraid of buying wine at the store. I am never sure I will get what I like! I will check this out!

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