It’s #ACraftersDream Christmas Giveaway!

My Merry Messy Life: A Crafter's Dream Giveaway #ACraftersDream

Welcome friends!  

It’s finally here! A BIG Crafter’s Dream Christmas Giveaway.  An awesome giveaway put together and hosted by My Merry Messy Life, Earning-My-Cape and Tutus & Tea Parties.  The theme of the giveaway was designed to support small businesses by offering Christmas and crafting gifts from their shops! All 57 bloggers are offering her/his own giveaway worth $25 or more going on now through Sunday, November 4, 2012.

The first gift is a beautiful handmade necklace and earring set from Uniquities by Kristen.  This set is a silver ring cascade set in Capri Blue.  Kristen is an amazing lady, a sweet high school friend, and a very good Mary Kay Rep as well! (Value $40)

The next gift in the package is from “Original Flat Bottles” who can be found on Etsy.  These have got to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  I’m having a hard time giving this away! I definitely will be buying some as gifts.  The bottles are flattened (slumped) and you can pick your label.  They have a ton to choose from or you can add a custom label!  These can be used as decor or a serving plate. (Value $25)

Then to round off this package, while you are dressed up in your fancy necklace and earrings, enjoying cookies on your new serving bottle, you can have the most delicious cup of coffee you have ever had!  No, I am not exaggerating.  This bag of Farm Fresh Coffee by Don Tomas is just that… Fresh.  The beans are raised on a small farm in Nicaragua by the people who work and live there.  They have worked hard to build a “Cultivating Community”.  Please do visit the website and read their story.  What a remarkable company they are! (Value $13)

Total Value: $98

Christmas is just around the corner, and the time to start crafting our gifts for friends and family is now! Some of the blogs in the giveaway group will be giving away some awesome crafting supplies!

Sometimes we want to give a handmade gift, but just don’t have the time or know-how to make them ourselves. This is a great opportunity to support small businesses and shops who offer handmade items! Some of the blogs in our giveaway group will be highlighting such small businesses and offering giveaway items for them, as well. Even if you don’t win the giveaway, we hope that you will keep these small businesses in mind when shopping for that perfect gift for your special someone.

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Now you can hop from blog to blog entering as many giveaways as you want!


  1. Decorating the Christmas Tree hands down:)

  2. My favorite holiday tradition is probably my husband baking his mince pies- we are newly married so we are still ‘making up’ our traditions as a couple 🙂

  3. Listening to Christmas music, sitting by the fire…sharing stories of childhood Christmases. Being with family and surrounded by all the love. 🙂

  4. Favorite holiday tradition is watching “It’s A Wonderful Life’ and “The Christmas Story” with my dad

  5. we always open one present on christmas eve

  6. I love getting together with family on Christmas Eve.

  7. Playing Christmas music while decorating the tree

  8. listening to christmas music. Making things for others.

  9. I love cooking with family!

  10. Since I was a girl, we would sit around the tree, with only the Christmas lights going, drinking hot chocolate and singing Christmas carols. Good times!

  11. I love love love sitting on the couch snuggled up with the Christmas tree lights on OR spending time with family during the holidays.

  12. I love reading the story of Jesus’ birth on Christmas morning with family! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. We play “hide the Santa” with a super teeny tiny ornament. Parents pick a spot in the tree to hide it among other ornaments, and kid with the fastest time wins a little Xmas eve prize. Even though my siblings and I are all grown and married, with children….the tradition continues! Been playing for years! 🙂

  14. My favorite holiday tradition is driving around at night and looking at Christmas lights!

  15. My favorite holiday tradition is the Christmas Pickle!!

  16. My favorite holiday tradition is going to church on Christmas eve and while holding lighted candles singing Silent Night, it is so beautiful and meaningful!

  17. We like buying the new dated ornaments for the tree every year.

  18. We always go out in the woods to pick out our Christmas tree…then come home and decorate it.

  19. Great giveaway! I love Christmas!!

  20. My favorite tradition is trimming the Christmas tree.

  21. Being with my family on Christmas Eve.

  22. caroling!

  23. My new favorite tradition is doing Christmas projects with my crafty kiddo the entire month of December! btw – Love the new blog design … It looks Super Cute 🙂

  24. My favorite holiday tradition is that my family eats dinner on Christmas Eve on the living room floor next to the tree and the only lights that are on are the ones on the tree. No tv either. Just us talking about Santa and guessing gifts

  25. I’m almost thirty years old but my mom still puts an advent calendar together for me every year. It’s my favorite tradition!

  26. cooking with family members

  27. We do not have any traditions… But I hope sense we have a new baby we can start some this year…

  28. putting up the christmas tree the day after thanksgiving

  29. reversible coffee cozy with owls

  30. we always spend boxing day with hubbys mum and dad and watch a silly film great fun is had by us all 🙂

  31. My favorite tradition is getting together at Thanksgiving with all my loved ones.

  32. My favorite holiday tradition is the big family Christmas dinner with crackers to pull and lots of stories to tell about the year just passed.

  33. One of our holiday traditions is to go shopping at a Christmas craft store and each of us choose an ornament for the year. With six children, we have built a large collection of ornaments over the years and they will one day have their own collection to take with them to decorate their own tree.

  34. Holiday baking!! All month long!

  35. Making ornaments for our kids(adults now) and grandkids for their tree

  36. Another of our cold-weather saviors is winter squash, a vegetable that doesn’t get enough respect.

  37. Love the giveaway!! We love doing the elf on the shelf.
    Connie from Sadieloohoo

  38. My favorite tradition for the holidays is going to all the church programs.

  39. Spending time with my family

  40. I looove buying gifts!

  41. I like to go Christmas caroling in our neighborhood.

  42. Watching The Nativity on Christmas Eve

  43. watch Christmas movies with the family.

  44. Getting together with family

  45. Polish dinner at Grandmas on xma eve…yum!

  46. I like eating a huge meal on Christmas Eve.

  47. Decorating the tree with my kids!

  48. Getting together with all the family and having a big dinner.

  49. My favourite is a personal family tradition…every christmas eve my mom and dad would let us open a present…and it was always a new pair of pajamas ready to wear! and of course dinner with the whole family is a very close second

  50. my favorite holiday tradition is our family Christmas movie, we always pick a movie that we are all gonna go see together before dinner and presents!

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