Moms Night In – A Good Book and Good Wine

Tonight I bring you to my neck of the woods.  South Eastern Washington State.  I’m having a mom’s night in with a good book and some good wine!   Both the book and the wine are local! 

The Book

“For Love or Money” written by a personal friend, Cathy Perkins.  This is the third book of hers to be published and my favorite yet.  

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The book is set here where I live, the Tri-Cities, a growing area of South East Washington with a desert landscape.  Holly Price is a hot-shot accountant working high dollar deals in Seattle.  When her father runs off with the yoga instructor, leaving her mother alone to run the family business back home, Holly returns to get her mom caught up and grow in order to sell the family accounting business.   

When Holly goes out on a “date” that turned out to be a hunting trip through harsh terrain, she and her date, Alex stumble upon a dead woman’s body.  But not just any body.  This is Marcy.  Her friend Marcy that works across the hall.  

Things go from bad to worse quickly when who of all people show up to investigate, JC, her EX-fiance.  She quickly finds herself labeled a suspect in the murder. The fact that he is not over her leaving town isn’t making her life any easier.  The fact that he is just as attractive now REALLY doesn’t make things any easier.

The story takes many twists and turns as we learn Alex is working with Tim, who happens to be Marcy’s Boss.  Slowly, we learn more about Marcy’s past and new suspects arise.  New questions arise.  Not only does Holly want to know who killed Marcy, but WHY did they kill Marcy.  

Finding those answers is the only way Holly can clear her name.  

I’m not going to spoil it for you all because you NEED to read this book.  An Entangled Suspense with a bit of Romance tossed in.  The perfect book to snuggle up with a glass of wine for a night of reading.

You can find it on Amazon or any major book seller.

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Oh yes… The WINE!!!  Tonight I’m enjoying one of the wines from “Original House Wine“.  These wines are made in the Columbia Valley and are quickly becoming one of my favorites.  They have all been very affordable and very good!  Need I say more? 

Tonight I happen to be drinking “House Red Wine 2010” which is a yummy blend of 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 37% Merlot, 15% Syrah and 3% Cab Franc.  

I also love the Steak House Red and the House Wine Chardonnay.  I have yet to try the Merlot, Syrah or Fish House – But they are most definitely on my list! 



So do yourself a big favor and grab, “For Love or Money” and some “House Wine”

and get ready to enjoy a nice Mom’s Night In!! 


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