Washington State Diversion Wine – Review

I’m a Washington State gal, so when it comes to wine, I’m kind of a Washington State Wine Snob.  If you love a great red wine, you must try our wines.  So of course when I had the opportunity to sample Diversion Wine, I was over the top happy to oblige.

I was lucky enough to try two varieties, the Cabernet Sauvignon and The Majestic Red which is a red blend.  Both reds are made from Eastern Washington Vineyards, including Milbrandt’s along the Columbia River Gorge.


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The Cab is medal winning and well deserving.  It is described as having an, “aroma of vanilla and coffee’  with “hints of dark chocolate and spice.”  For me, all I can say is that among the three of us who were testing this bottle, we all were fighting for the last glass.  So yes, it is wonderful!

Does it get better than that?  Well, after having to share my Cab, I kept the Majestic Red for myself and for my taste I preferred this one.  Majestic is a balanced blend of Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese, Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon.  On the official website, they describe this blend, “This easy drinking yet complex blend exhibits layers of blackberry and plum with a subtle spiciness and a long, elegant finish.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Very smooth and  easy drinking.  Well balanced and bold flavor.  This bottle did not last long!

For more about Diversion Wines, click HERE for the official website and where to buy.


I am looking forward to the Riesling I have to try next!




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