Wild Horse Winery and Vineyards Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

If you know me, you know I love a good bottle of red wine.  Well that is exactly what I found in Wild Horse Winery Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon.  This 2010 Cabernet is 99% Cabernet Sauvignon and 1% Syrah, giving it a pure, rich Cabernet flavor.  

Wild Horse Winery

wild horse winery

Most of this Wild Horse variety comes from the Paso Robles AVA with 9% coming from Monterey AVA.   The warm Monterey area yeilds a rich and deep grape lending delicious flavors to the wine.  It has been described as having flavors of cherry and vanilla and an aroma of cherries, mint, rosemary and butterscoth.  

I found this wine to be a smooth wine that can easily be sipped while preparing your meal of beef and blue cheese, and a second glass when dinner is served!  

Wild Horse has taken pride in each step of the process from growing, harvesting, delivering, pressing, all the way to bottling to ensure you receive nothing but an exceptional bottle of wine.  I would highly recommend trying this wine when you see it.  

At a price point of $20, it is a reasonable wine for home and to take to a dinner party!  

Visit Wild Horse Winery and Vineyards Website for more information.


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