Getting Back to Healthy

I have been MIA around here off and on the last six months and part of that is just being busy, but part of it is also struggling with this new lifestyle.  This blog started as a journey of transitioning to a Vegetarian diet over a year ago for health.  Since then, so much has changed in my life.  I have started a new collaborative blog, Daily Dish Magazine and my own company, Social Girls Media too.  Keeping my day job and keeping up with my family is keeping me very occupied. With that, finding time to eat right gets harder and harder.  

From time to time, we all feel failure in our diets.  I am no exception.  It’s hard to eat right when you are running at 120%.  I have failed more often than not in recent months and it’s time to revisit my original goals.  We chose a Vegetarian diet for health reasons.  Our success in health was demonstrated by lowering of cholesterol, blood sugar and weight loss.  When you stray from the diet, you start to see the effects – most notably for me, weight goes right back on.  This can be discouraging and frustrating and actually snowball into really bad habits quickly.  

I had a conversation today that inspired me to get back to writing here.  He reminded me that people relate to someone who is real.  I can pretend to be the perfect, “busy vegetarian mom” or I can be real – a real life busy mom struggling to balance a healthy family and real life.  To share my struggles and feelings just might help others see they are not alone.  

I hope get back to posting regularly here not just about recipes, but about day to day living as a busy “trying to be vegetarian” mom. 

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