Easy Cheesy Vegan Crockpot Potatoes Au Gratin

School has started, life gets busier, it gets a little bit colder.  This is Fall.  This is the perfect time to start using that old friend, Mr. Crock pot, for easy meals that are ready when you are. One of my favorites is vegan crockpot potatoes au gratin.
The more I cook, the more I love my Crock pot! I was going to save this for our Daiya Vegan Cheese Sponsored Party or our Crock pot Party at Foodie Friends Friday but I just had to share.
Now I grew up on “scalloped potatoes” with cheese and ham, but in case you are interested, any creamy cheesy, potato casserole is “au gratin” and NOT “scalloped”.  I keep on writing “scalloped” but will try to keep it correct.  Click HERE for the article describing the difference…yes I googled it, lol!
This literally takes just a few minutes to throw together in the morning and can be ready for lunch or dinner.

Easy Cheesy Vegan Crock Pot Potatoes Au Gratin

This recipe is featured on Foodie Friends Friday
vegan crock pot potatoes au gratin

Busy Vegetarian Mom

  • 2-3 Thinly Sliced Potatoes ( I used red because it’s what I had, but any will do)
  • Sliced Onion (Optional)
  • Approx. 2 Cups Soy Milk
  • Approx. 1 Cup Daiya Vegan Cheddar Shreds
  • 2 TBSP Whole Wheat Flour
  • Pepper
  • French Fried Onion Straws (Optional)
    daiya potatoes au gratin

    Busy Vegetarian Mom




  1. Wash and thinly slice enough potatoes to fill your crock pot. (I used a small size crock pot)
  2. Layer potatoes and cheese (onion-optional) into crock pot until full.
  3. Whisk the Whole Wheat Flour into your Soy Milk.  Add pepper to taste.
  4. Pour over Potatoes and Cheese until just covering potatoes.
  5. Place lid and cook on low 6-8 hours or high 4-5 hours, until potatoes are tender.
  6. Serve and Enjoy!  *Optional: French Fried Onion Straws are really great on top!

P.S.  If you have any leftovers, these make fantastic mashed potatoes the next day.  Just take a hand mixer to them until smooth!



  1. This looks very similar to a recipe I make only with bacon and real cheese. Looks good Tracy! Enjoy your Monday.

  2. Any kind of cheese (vegan or otherwise) is great with potatoes. Perfect match! Thanks for initiating the Daiya Vegetarian Challenge and sharing this with Foodie Friends Friday!

  3. I love Potatoes Au Gratin and I love using my Crock Pot. Great dish!

  4. I love scalloped potatoes and au gratin potatoes and have never tried them in my crock pot. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday.


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