Raspberry Basil Limakazie Recipe

I recently celebrated my birthday with a few friends of mine and had Basil Kamakazie and it was AMAZING!  I have been daydreaming of another Basil drink ever since and when I bought my Basil plant for the season, I knew it was time to experiment.  What did I come up with?  How about a Raspberry Basil Limakazie!  My hubby is not a drinker, but I told him he had to taste this and even he said, “Wow, that’s good!”  Ummm Hmmm… You definitely want to save this one, lol.  The recipe is for a single drink (yes, I like mine stiff) so adjust it for your taste or multiply it and put it in a pitcher for your next BBQ.  Enjoy!


Raspberry Basil Limakazie


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Raspberry Basil Limakazie
A refreshing summer cocktail
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  1. 1/3 Cup Fresh Raspberries
  2. 2 Leaves Fresh Basil
  3. 4 oz. Smirnoff Citrus Vodka
  4. 1/2 Lime - Juice
  5. 4 oz. Diet 7-Up
  1. Muddle the raspberries thru a strainer to get just the juice into your cup
  2. Slice 1 leaf of Basil and muddle into the raspberry juice
  3. Add Citrus Vodka
  4. Add Juice from 1/2 Lime
  5. *optional - to let flavors blend, place in refridgerater and let sit for an hour
  6. Pour in 7-Up
  7. Serve on Ice
  8. Place a few raspberries and second basil leaf on toothpick for garnish.
  1. This is one serving - adjust your alcohol to your taste. Also tastes great without the 7-up. Enjoy it however you choose!
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