OXO Cherry Pitter Review

I recently had the opportunity to try OXO Tools NEW Cherry Pitter.  They have set up an amazing blogger outreach program that lets us test products for them and share what we think!  Well, as I live next door to a cherry orchard, I was very excited to get mine in the mail. Read on for my OXO Cherry Pitter Review:
I set out to work on this pile of cherries.  I didn’t weigh/or measure it so you will have to just guesstimate how much my the photo.  I did a timed test to see how quickly I could get these pitted and ready for my cherry cobbler.  8 Minutes!  That is crazy fast considering how long that would take with just a knife.  I’m sold.  It was super easy to use and clean too.  The special “splash guard” keeps the juice from squirting everywhere.  Just one tip, aim into a bowl or garbage can.  I sent my first pit flying across the counter!
oxo cherry pitter
See…easy peasy lemon squeezy!
cherry cobbler
And this is what I made with them…Mmmm.
Recipe to come soon!

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  1. It would take a long time to do this job. But with the cherry pitter it will only take 8 minutes and it is ready. This saves time and labor and can be used easily.

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